The charming, colourful illustrations make the books ideal for the younger, pre-school child.

The spectacled bear is considered an endangered species. As its habitat continues to be eroded, it is now mostly found in the cloud forest of natural reserves and protected areas.


Ukuku is a young bear who lives in a cloud forest high up in the Peruvian Andes. He is special, not only because he is a spectacled bear, the only true bear found in South America, but also because he is courageous and somewhat mischievous. One day, he climbs the highest tree in the cloud forest and discovers the sun. Another time, with the help of his animal friends, he saves the forest from destruction.

The two books about Ukuku - Ukuku conoce al sol and Ukuku salva el bosque - are published by Grupo Editorial Norma in Lima, Peru and are available in Spanish from the publisher. They are very popular in Peru and Colombia and are often used in classrooms for grades one and two.

Ilse ZANDSTRA, during a presentation of the books.