Readers’ comments about “The Amber Coast”

“Ilse is at her best when writing about Latvia, a small country of just over two million people, conquered by Germans, Poles, Swedes and Russians.” And “The Amber Coast reads like a suspense story.” Ashwin Shingadia

“I stayed up late last night finishing reading your book. I absolutely loved it. It was a wonderful balance of history, family story, and of course the wonderful character development of your father. I was amazed at the similarity to the Estonian family stories choosing their names, decisions about leaving and staying, starting a new life in Canada--the scene in the Principal's office!--I kept reading parts to my husband--he really liked it. So--I will be passing it around to family and friends!” Dianne T.

“I found the book very interesting and it also holds potential for deeper psychological studies of refugee turbulence, further multiple emigration, relationships, cultural adaptation, etc. I am sure the book will be a hit and indeed find a broader audience beyond the Latvian ethnic community.” Juris Dreifelds

“The book is of obvious interest to all Latvians and a great resource for children and grandchildren of Latvia’s refugees. It is a great source for Latvia’s inhabitants whose knowledge of the exodus of their brethren is woefully inadequate. More importantly, the book has the literary and psychological qualities that can be used as a base of study by all those who want to delve deeper into the psyches of new arrivals in a new land.” Juris Dreifelds

Liels paldies par tavu fenomenalo gramatu. (Thank you for your phenomenal book.) It is truly a gift to hear your story and each time I pick up your book, I think of my mom and what she and our family went through since we have no one left to tell our story. I, like you, was surely told the story a few times growing up, but it meant little until I now have my own children and I wish I knew the full story of bravery so that I could pass it on.” Lija L.

“I have black circles under my eyes from staying up all night reading.”